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Bootstrapped Uberflip raises US$32m in Series A funding

Cloud-based B2B content platform Uberflip announced that the closing of its Series A funding round led by Update Partners, raising US$32m.

Washington-based Updata Partners’ Jon Seeber, general partner, and Arun Singh, senior associate, will join Uberflip’s board of directors, which also includes co-founders CEO Yoav Schwartz and president and CMO Randy Frisch.

Toronto-based Flyp Technologies, doing business as Uberflip, was founded 6 years ago and was backed by CDN $1 million angel funding. It has bootstrapped its way until this recent funding round.

To date, Uberflip has added more than 1,000 B2B companies to its customer roster, including Stantec, Schneider Electric, MongoDB, and Pivotal Software.

“This investment will be used to support ongoing product development aimed at enabling personalization, increasing engagement and accelerating audiences along the buyer journey,” said Schwartz.

Updata Partners invests in high-growth software and software-enabled companies that either bootstrapped or with minimal prior funding.

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