BULLETIN: Top 5 Reported Telephone Frauds / Les cinq fraudes téléphoniques les plus signalées

During Cyber Security Awareness Month’s Phone Week, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) would like to remind you to be vigilant of unsolicited telephone calls. Telemarketing fraud is still the most reported fraud to the CAFC; accounting for 43 % of reports received.

This bulletin was prepared to highlight the Top 5 Telephone Scams and prevention tips.

2019 Top 5 Reported Telephone Scams

Fraud TypeReportsVictimsLosses (CAD)
Personal Info3,5001,533
Bank Investigator1,090380$3,322,900

Note: It is estimated that less than 5% of fraud victims report their occurrences to the CAFC.

Top Tips to Protect Yourself

  • Criminals use “call-spoofing” to mislead consumers. This technology is easily available. Do not assume that phone numbers appearing on your call display are accurate.
  • If a call does not seem right, hang up.
  • No legitimate institution will threaten you over the telephone.
  • Never provide personal information over the phone to an unknown caller.
  • If you provide personal information, contact Equifax and Trans Union to place fraud alerts on your accounts.
  • Learn more tips and tricks for protecting yourself.
  • Remain current on frauds and protect others by sharing what you know. Tell two others and ask them to do the same. An unbroken chain of 25 people telling two would cover the entire population of Canada.

If you think you or someone you know has been a victim of fraud, please contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or report online at www.antifraudcentre

Source: Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC)