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Fund manager unveils global cryptoasset fund

PCMA member and Canadian investment fund manager 3iQ has launched a global cryptoasset fund after getting the green light from the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA).

Units of the fund will be available to accredited investors, advisors, and dealers via Fundserv, and to pension funds, institutions, and family offices via private placement.

3iQ has been approved by the OSC and CSA as a portfolio manager and investment fund manager permitted to invest in multiple cryptoassets. Structured as a trust, the fund will invest directly in bitcoin, ether, and litecoin – three of the leading cryptoassets.

3iQ CEO Frederick Pye said the group aims to provide a pure, low-cost, secure method for both accredited and institutional investors to assume a core position in this new and expanding asset class.

“Although an exempt market product, we at 3iQ are excited to offer this product with our partners and to bring a diversified basket of leading digital assets to institutions and qualified investors,” he said.

Pye said the 3iQ boasts connections which are unique to the fund, including lead consultancy from ARK-Invest, of New York, an institutional level of security with a leading cryptoasset custodian, and expert trading with established trading firms to access liquidity across the entire cryptoasset space.

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