You are currently viewing Go tell it on the Mountain! Let’s celebrate the critical role the Private Capital Markets play in keeping Canada open for business!

Go tell it on the Mountain! Let’s celebrate the critical role the Private Capital Markets play in keeping Canada open for business!

As the largest private capital markets community in Canada, we have committed ourselves to speak in one voice, to be identified as one brand, and to be thinking always of how we can be seen and heard as relevant, sought after, and understood by all Canadians.   As a result, we indeed had great and unprecedented impact in 2018!   As we reflect on the progress the PCMA has made over the past year we can see that there is great ambition and energy that will take us into 2019!

We thank you for your continued commitment to the PCMA, to the industry and all that you do to deliver on our purpose – to educate, elevate and advocate.

While there is much work to do and further challenges ahead, we end 2018 stronger and better able to serve the PCMA membership.

There are many issues weighing not only on us, but on the entire financial services industry, including concerns about the global economy, the implementation of new regulations and capital requirements and how this will affect how we do business.

As always, the PCMA is working hard to support our members and to ensure that exempt market dealers, professionals, accountants, lawyers, consultants, dealing representatives and issuers, continue to have a strong voice.

Over the last 12 months we have made remarkable headway on several great initiatives, both regionally and nationally:

The New Year will bring its own mix of successes and challenges, but our direction is clear and we know what we must do. Our job is to continue to focus intently on what we can control: providing our members with the best service and most comprehensive industry solutions, strengthen our brand, advocate, bring further awareness and doing our part to keep the economy moving forward. Our long-term value will come through and be reflected in the pride of membership; the PCMA is your industry association! Please visit the PCMA Canada YouTube channel to see our 20108 Achievements Highlight Reel.

A sincere thank you to our Members, Sponsors, Founding Partners, Partners, Directors, Executive, Regulators, Policy Makers, Officials, Investors and all that contribute to the success of Canada’s largest Private Capital Markets Community.


At this joyous time of year, we are grateful for our work with you and for you.

We wish you abundance, happiness, health and peace in a new year filled with hope. Happy holidays.

Georgina Blanas, Vice-Chair and Executive Director, PCMA

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