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Here’s your one stop destination for all your market data needs

The Private Capital Markets Association of Canada welcomes CPE Media as its official data provider.

CPE Media offers two subscription services backed by their private capital database. The first services is the Private Capital Journal, a web and newsletter service that covers all announced, completed, and yet-to-be announced financing, M&A, IPO deals.

The other service is the Private Capital Directory, a one stop destination to research and find detailed information on close to 600 active Canadian, US, and foreign private capital firms.

CPE Media’s comprehensive database allows them to measure all reported private capital/exempt financing since 2016. CPE Media follows angel/private, venture capital, private equity, public market financing, M&As, and IPOs.  As of September 30, 2017, they tracked 7031 transactions, 4743 of which are exempt financings.

“This data shows just how significant the Canadian private market is for issuers, investors and dealers alike. The data reveals that exempt market financings are an increasingly key component to capital availability for small and medium-sized businesses in Canada who, all too often, lack the financial resources they need to scale up,” CPE Media president Ted Liu said.

Liu has been measuring and monitoring private capital industry data since 1992. He served as research director for the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association.

“This data is vitally important and will enable PCMA members to compare and contrast their own firms’ activity with that of the industry as a whole, in as-close-to-real-time as possible,” PCMA chair Doug Bedard noted.

CPE Media sources of information include filings from Canadian and US securities regulators such as OCS, BCSC, ASC, AMF, SEC, and various newswires and web sources.  Together with the PCMA, CPE Media will be seeking its members’ support in submitting their data directly to CPE Media to help complete the comprehensive dataset for exempt financing.

“Ted Liu has a 25-year track record and is without parallel in the private market data aggregation and analysis market in Canada. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with CPE Media,” PCMA executive director Georgina Blanas said.

She added, “This will allow our members to have access to timely, accurate and insightful data about the private capital markets.”

PCMA members receive a 10% discount on all their subscriptions. Additionally, part of subscription fee will go as support for PCMA of Canada.

Contact: Jenya Lorenc
Membership and Operations Manager
Private Capital Markets Association of Canada
p: 416.627.9905

Contact: Ted Liu, President, MBA, M.Sc.
T: 647-782-8818 or 647-872-9639

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