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How technology is playing a bigger role in private investment space

Laine Nevison’s private capital markets journey started a decade ago when he was introduced to a large real estate investment firm – making him no stranger to the rigors and rewards of the marketplace.

Over the years, Nevison has become one of the top national exempt market producers for one of Canada’s largest exempt market dealers. He has an extensive experience in EMD compliance, dealer representative training, and procedural practices. Fast forward to today, he is one of the people steering the wheel of MAVAN Capital Partners.

PCMA reached out to Nevison to know more about his insights about the private capital markets space and how MAVAN innovates the space.

How did your career start and what led you to this path?

My career in the Private Capital Markets started over 12 years ago, when I was introduced to a large Real Estate investment firm and over the first 5 years the formation of the regulated environment happened right before our eyes. With the new landscape came opportunity and after wearing a few different hats (building out a branch for a large EMD, consulting on new entries to the space and assisting in the formation of an EMD) I knew I wanted to bring a unique opportunity to investors through investments in Technology. 

What do you love the most about your current organization?

What I enjoy the most about our group is that we are a young team with a lot of drive and motivation to continue to raise the bar in the Private Capital Markets. Joining forces with the PCMA just makes sense as we want to see progress in this space and support where and however we can.  What makes it different from other firms in the same space? We play a diversification role for advisors and investors.

Bringing a “true” Technology Fund to a Real Estate dominated marketplace has definitely come with some challenges, but ones we knew we would face and could also overcome. Technology is one of the fastest growing asset classes and is playing a bigger role in all levels of investment portfolios, why shouldn’t it play the same role at this level? We feel our product compliments the traditional real estate plays and truly diversifies clients beyond them. 

Please tell us briefly about your role in your company.

As a young company I play many roles and enjoy running the business on a daily basis with my partners. My experience is in the Private Capital Markets and understanding the moving parts on that side, I leave the expertise and understanding on the technology side to  my partners who have great track records in that arena.  

What do you think are the most challenging issues facing the private capital industry and your line of work today?

I believe the biggest issues that are causing challenges are regulation constraints and inconsistency throughout distribution platforms. 

What are your hopes for the industry moving forward?

That we can come together and find more efficient, and effective ways to deliver quality products to the investor base with strong compliance and ongoing Due Diligence. 

Please tell us something your colleagues might not know about you.

Haha, that could go a number of ways but most likely the fact that I have completed a couple Ironman Triathlons and proposed to my wife at the finish line of [the] last one. 

If you could witness one event (past, present or future) what would it be?

My son winning the Stanley Cup! He is only two but has a pretty awesome slap shot. We will see what the future holds.