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Kindigo Capital rolls out platform for bullion coin trading

Exempt market dealer Kindigo Capital has gotten the green light to launch a new private equity trading platform for physical gold and silver bullion investors.

The platform enables Canadian registered plan holders, which includes those with RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, and LIRA accounts, to have physical gold and silver Maple Leaf bullion coins.

Kindigo CEO Bosko Kacarevic said these investors will be able to own real gold and silver that will be stored in a vault fully-insured for the total value of the metal. This means they have unlimited liability insurance.

Each coin weighs an ounce and is manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint from 99.99% fine bullion.

“We’re a pioneer in this sector because we’re the first regulated private equity firm in Canada to offer such a product for retirement accounts,” Kacarevic noted.

He furthered that the CAPmatic platform exposes Canadian investors to alternative investments in the private capital sphere. “It’s been proven throughout history that gold is the goto asset during an economic crisis, but when combined with private capital, it makes for a very resilient portfolio,” Kacarevic stressed.