NEW PCMA MEMBER ALERT! Meet Julius Tiangson. Lessons learned from missed opportunities.

Julius Tiangson came to Canada in 1985 via Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, when he was only 21 years old. Back then, he worked in the newly created Computer Application Department for a Chartered Accountant Firm, Deloitte, Haskins, and Sells (now Deloitte). He left the accounting profession and built a long career in church work and as an executive of a large non-profit organization that helps settle over 35,000 newcomer families with their children and youth.

In 2013, he started his own financial planning and investment advising services. Quite often, he uses his own personal examples of investment missed opportunities to encourage his clients and friends to develop an investment mindset.

He said, “When I came to Canada, a young 16-year-old computer geek was introduced to me. He worked part-time at a store called Radio Shack…remember? He was insistent, “Julius, you should invest $500 on this company…” and pointed to him an odd-looking computer called Macintosh! But he said, “NAH!!!” It was a MISSED OPPORTUNITY!

Then in 1994, he saw a new big sign going up to replace a store called WOOLCO in the Confederation Mall in Saskatoon. That new big sign was WALMART! Again, somebody told him, “Invest $500 in this company!” But he said, “NAH!!!” It was a MISSED OPPORTUNITY.

He moved with his family to Mississauga, Ontario in 2000 and started a church ministry called the Gateway Christian Life Centre. In order to record the names of Sunday visitors to their church services, he asked them to fill out a “GMAIL INFORMATION CARD.” However, he said, “I did not claim ownership of GMAIL!” Then in April 2004, Google launched GMAIL.COM as an invitation-only e-mail service! He said, “If I registered GMAIL in 2000, would I own it? I don’t know? I should have tried, but I didn’t!” It was a…MISSED OPPORTUNITY!

From these MISSED OPPORTUNITIES, he began to shift his focus in 2013 and started CREATING OPPORTUNITIES. He started investing in pre-construction real-estate developments in a few downtown Toronto condominium projects to land development. He has learned the many facets of real estate development, construction and financing. In the process, he has created investment opportunities for himself and encouraged others to do the same. Together with a construction management partner, they’ve since launched in 2018 a $12 Million real estate build-out projects in Mississauga and Oakville. In 2019, they are organizing a $20 Million development project in Mississauga.

Early in 2016, he rebranded his company and created Portico Group Holdings, Inc., to reflect his growing business interests beyond real estate investment and development and into emerging technologies. Much of his growing business interests are focused on finding solutions to make affordable housing, clean potable, and drinkable water and waste to energy. These solutions are to be integrated into his real estate development projects and beyond. He has done extensive research and collaboration with various start-up companies who have developed new technologies in sustainable building systems and cementitious materials. These companies are now on the verge of commercializing their technologies in the next 6 to 12 months.

Added to his portfolio of technology-based companies, he serves as an adviser and business development strategist to an emerging technology based sales platform for medical cannabis. He sees the future of the new Cannabis industry to be driven by technology, data aggregation, research and development, and new formulas to create pharmaceutical grade medical Cannabis.

Julius Tiangson started as a social entrepreneur and created local and national organizations to address the spiritual and socio-economic needs of people immigrating to Canada. He has successfully transitioned into a capital impact entrepreneur by CREATING OPPORTUNITIES to invest in new technologies and bringing them to market in order to provide solutions to address affordable housing, accessible clean water, sustainable energy from waste and emerging health solutions through Cannabis.

To contact him:

Julius Tiangson
Mobile: (647) 299-1106