OSC seeks applications for Investor Advisory Panel

TORONTO – The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is inviting applications for membership on its independent Investor Advisory Panel (IAP), which provides an investor perspective on policy, rule-making and other regulatory initiatives.

The IAP advises and comments on proposed rules, policies and investor protection initiatives, while considering the views of a broad range of investors through consultation with investors and organizations representing investors.

The IAP is an important voice for investors in the regulatory process, and new members will be selected to ensure that the panel continues to represent a broad range of relevant experience, skills, knowledge and perspectives.

Several current IAP member terms are ending over the coming year. New members will be appointed to staggered terms beginning at different points throughout the year depending on when vacancies arise.

Members are appointed for terms of up to two years and will be compensated for their time in meeting the IAP’s mandate. A selection committee consisting of the OSC’s Chief Executive Officer and two Executive Directors will interview short-listed candidates and appoint the new members.
For information on the Investor Advisory Panel’s activities, please see Investor Advisory Panel at www.osc.ca.

Interested parties are invited to submit their resume indicating their relevant experience by Thursday, March 3. Applications and questions regarding the IAP can be addressed to:

Lourdes Alvares
Ontario Securities Commission

The mandate of the OSC is to provide protection to investors from unfair, improper or fraudulent practices, to foster fair, efficient and competitive capital markets and confidence in the capital markets, to foster capital formation, and to contribute to the stability of the financial system and the reduction of systemic risk. Investors are urged to check the registration of any persons or company offering an investment opportunity and to review the OSC investor materials available at https://www.osc.ca.

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