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Over a Barrel


Over a Barrel is a short political documentary about the work of Vivian Krause, and the questions she raises regarding U.S foundations funding activism against the Canadian oil and gas industry. The supposed goal of this “Tar Sands Campaign”, funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and other U.S. charitable foundations, is to fight pipeline approvals in Canada and stop Canadian oil from reaching overseas markets. We focus on the negative consequences this has had on the Alberta economy, First Nations communities and the rising threat of western separatism.

“I remember the first time I saw Vivian Krause present her research. It was like an electric shock. Meticulous, thoroughly documented, compelling. If you want to take her on, better bring more than snark and attitude.” 

Darrell Bricker


Fair Questions

– Vivian Krause

Anti-Energy Campaigns Inquiry

– Government of Alberta

Edmonton Film Producer Goes Outside Comfort Zone

– Edmonton SUN

Documentary Film Funding

– Go Fund Me

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