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PCMA accounting manager job posting now closed

The Private Capital Markets Association of Canada announced that it has already selected a candidate to fill the accounting manager post. The PCMA Accounting Manager will report to the Executive Director and will work closely with the Chairman, Executive Director, Executive Committee and Board of Directors to help set the strategic financial objectives of the PCMA and operate key financial controls.

The Accounting Manager shall maintain the financial, tax and general records of the PCMA, ensure all appropriate filings are made with tax authorities, and provide regular reports to the Executive Committee, Audit and Finance Committee, Board of Directors and the Membership on financial, membership and other matters.

The responsibilities of the part-time role (est. 8-15 hours per month) will range from management of monthly expenses and reimbursements, managing membership and sponsorship revenue, banking, guiding the annual budget process, preparation of periodic financial statements/reports to the Executive and Board, and leading the preparations for the annual review.

The Accounting Manager will work independently and remotely and competitive compensation will be offered.