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PCMA execs shed light on crowdfunding, private capital markets

What role do private capital market players take in helping business thrive in Canada?

In an interview with HiFi Radio on AM 640, PENTOR Finance chairperson and Private Capital Markets Association director Joseph Galli explained the crucial role of players in this space when it comes to providing businesses access to capital.

“Public markets would be stocks and bonds which you read about in newspapers. Private markets are everything else. Think of it like an iceberg, only one-tenth is above the water. The private capital market is like that. The private capital market in Canada is probably at a 2-to-1 ratio to the public market,” he said.

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Meanwhile, PCMA director Richard Remillard also graced the radio show and talked about how early-stage companies are now able to raise funding from the public through the concept of crowdfunding.

“One of the new ways to raise money is by using social media. If you are a small start-up business and you are looking to raise capital on either the debt side or the equity side, crowdfunding is for you,” he said.

He explained that crowdfunding platforms allow firms to garner support from the crowd, either in the form of donations, equities, debt or securities. Additionally, such portals bring investors and borrowers together.

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