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The Best Canadian Dividend Stocks Right Now

Top Articles: Week of August 15

MOST READ: Canadian dividends, US Dividends, and the quant theory of money were the most popular articles last week.

August 15

The Best Canadian Dividend Stocks Right Now
Here are the highest-yielding companies in our coverage up North.

3 Dividend Stocks for August 2022
These names are popular with income investors. 

Why the Quant Theory of Money May Be Wrong
In the second part of Paul Kaplan’s interview with Larry Siegel, the two discuss the theory that says that inflation occurs when the supply of money grows faster than the price-adjusted demand for money – and why it might be wrong.

The Best Canadian Bank Stocks to Buy in 2022
Right now, most of the Canadian banks in our coverage universe are undervalued.

Anti-ESG Proxy ‘Explosion’ Ends With a Whimper, Not a Bang
Though anti-ESG shareholder proposals received much attention, they garnered little support if any.

Selling Your Cottage? Watch the Taxes
If you’re thinking of cashing out your rural real estate, save money with these tax tips.

Best Cannabis Stocks for 2022
Make the most of the bear market by considering these cannabis companies trading at deep discounts.

Four Fidelity Funds Earn Medalist Morningstar Analyst Ratings
Fidelity Special Situations, Fidelity Canadian Growth, Fidelity Global Innovators, and Fidelity Canadian Opportunities all earn either Silver or Bronze Ratings.

Three Stocks to Benefit from the U.S. Climate Bill
The US$369 Bn climate spending bill will support clean energy initiatives and lower carbon pollution – and these companies will benefit.

Stock of the Week: Berkshire Hathaway
The earnings loss distracts, and we think the stock is undervalued right now.  

Source: Morningstar