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The National Systems Renewal Program has a new name: SEDAR+

SEDAR+ is the CSA’s national system for electronic data analysis and retrieval, formerly referred to as “The Renewed System.” 

The CSA is building on a name that has a long legacy in Canada. SEDAR is Canada’s longest running and most well-known securities regulators’ national system. The + (plus) signifies our move to an up-to-date, integrated and comprehensive system that better serves all market participants and staff. It’s not just SEDAR as we know it today, it truly is SEDAR plus the other CSA national systems, all in one system.

SEDAR+ portal represents:

Single portal access to all filings Better usability via a modern user interface, search function improvements, and harmonized processes for all filings
Effective cybersecurity and privacy management Better data quality through database consolidation and input standardization
Larger scope of filings and system users

SEDAR+ will replace the current System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR), along with the System for Electronic Disclosure by Insiders (SEDI), the National Registration Database (NRD), the National Registration System, the National Cease Trade Order Database, the Disciplined List and certain filings made in paper format or in local electronic filing systems.

SEDAR+ will be completed in phases and will be an integrated and comprehensive filing system, and a simplified point of access for market participants such as issuers, insiders, registrants, and investors.

SEDAR+ will be a modern, easy-to-use system and will better respond to future needs, with enhanced cyber security, access-controls, and better system interface allowing for an automated exchange of data.

To learn more about SEDAR+, check out our FAQ section here.

Source: Canadian Securities Administators