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Wanted: Industry rockstars to sponsor PCMA’s education series for CCOs and CFOs

As the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada readies this year’s CCO-CFO National Education Series that will be held in key cities across the country, industry players are given the opportunity to take part in this learning initiative.

One of the key priorities of PCMA is building an educational infrastructure to help private capital markets professionals, as well as their CFOs, CCOs, UDPs, and dealing representatives be in-the-know of the current trends and issues facing the industry today.

“We hear from our members across Canada that there are few in-depth learning opportunities focused on the exempt market and how to successfully operate as dealers and issuers in this unique market,” PCMA noted.

The kickoff session will be taking place on 14 November 2017 at Computer share Office, 100 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario.

There will also be sessions in Calgary, Vancouver, and Montreal set on separate dates.

In the continuous efforts to keep registration fees amenable for all participants, PCMA is currently looking for further sponsorships.

PCMA has attractive and exciting sponsorship packages specifically for those who want to take part in the continuing education series.

“We do offer tailored sponsorship packages specifically for continuing education: Lead Sponsor at $6000 and Partner at $3000,” the association said.

Additional details on these packages are available on page 11 of PCMA’s Partnership Opportunities Brochure.

Potential investors can also send their inquiries to Jenya Lorenc, PCMA Membership and Operations Manager through They may also reach herby dialling 416 627-9905.

Meanwhile, for those interested in joining the education series check out the links below to register: